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Shazia Javed

Shazia Javed

Writer, Photographer and Filmmaker, Mississauga, Canada




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Shazia Javed is a multi-award-winning Media Producer, Director & Writer whose work has screened internationally at prestigious new media & film festivals including Hot Docs, Durban International, DOXA, and Reelworld among others. Her films have been broadcast internationally on Television and leading streaming platforms including Netflix. Her recent film credits include, '3 Seconds Divorce', 'Namrata', 'Can You Hear me?', and '#WeSayKnow'. Shazia began her career in New Delhi and now lives and works in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada. She is the Founder of LifeSketch Media Inc, a production company that has a mission to tell stories from underrepresented communities. Shazia has an M.A in Mass Communication from Jamia Millia Islamia and an MFA in Film from York University. She enjoys teaching filmmaking in community-centered spaces.

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