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Seemi Pasha

Seemi Pasha

Independent Journalist & Filmmaker



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Seemi Pasha is an independent journalist and filmmaker based in New Delhi. She writes for Indian news websites like ‘TheWire’, ‘TheQuint’ and ‘NewsLaundry’. She has also worked with Amnesty International India and produced campaign films for them. Pasha has spent a large part of her career as a television news anchor and journalist, reporting on politics, society and gender. She started her career with CNN-IBN, Network 18, in 2005 and joined India Today Television in 2013. In the run-up to the 2014 Parliamentary elections, Pasha travelled and reported from across India as part of the channel’s ‘Election Express’. She was on the road for 45 days, landing up in a new city every morning and filing news stories every night. She left India Today TV to lead the newsroom at Tiranga TV in 2018. Pasha won the prestigious Red Ink award in 2016 & News Television Award in 2011.