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Samia Ansari

Samia Ansari





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Samia Ansari lives in two worlds. First is a world of everything practical - made up of data, top-lines & triple
bottom-lines, buyers and sellers, a world where she is an analyst. Here, she is a finance professional
adept at delivering actionable insights to clients and senior management. In a career spanning 11 years,
Samia has worked across business intelligence, strategy and credit research. She has worked closely with
C-suite executives, analysed data, prepared business performance reports and assessed financial
viability of projects among other things. While she holds a masters in business administration and a
bachelor’s degree in engineering, she has a deep interest in sustainable finance and the impact of ESG
factors on business sustainability.
Her second world exists beyond the boundaries of time & space. Here she can be found admiring a
shoeflower, chuckling over a Wodehouse novel, doodling or baking bread.
She strives to live in a world of fresh starts, of innocence, justice, positivity and where the present is at
peace with the past, as well as the future.

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