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Saima Iqbal

Saima Iqbal

Head of Branded content, Communications Specialist




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Saima Iqbal is a communication specialist. She currently works as the Creative Head (Brands & advertising) for one of India’s leading Radio Station. Having won various National and International awards including the prestigious New York Festivals award she believes her forte lies in bringing original ideas to life. With the Indian FM radio industry going through a change, she is at the helm of this transformation helping FM Radio find its feet on Digital platforms. She closely works with India’s biggest brands to help them devise their branding strategy and takes a keen interest in understanding the evolving social media trends and how brands can ride that wave. Under her leadership, the team has won over two dozen advertising awards. She was previously working with BBC World Service as a producer and a presenter and was a guest lecturer at her alma mater AJKMCRC Jamia where she taught FM Radio. Other than her work, she thinks she is made of ‘half food- half travel’

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