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Sabah Hamid

Sabah Hamid

Communications Specialist




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Sabah Hamid is a communications consultant with 15 plus years of experience working across corporate and non-profit sectors. She has a Master's and an M.Phil. in English from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Sabah grew up in Kashmir and moved to New Delhi, India, for college. One of the striking differences in the two places was the Muslim self-identity: she had never thought of herself as a “minority” or did not think what it meant to live and be seen as such. Very often, in both, her institutes of education, as well as career, she found herself appointed the default representative for Muslim women - simply because there were not enough (or any) others in the room. It was not a role she embraced, but as the political reality of the world continues to change, it is a responsibility she has come to accept. Sabah believes that more women, of all races and religions, colors and creed, need to speak up for the world to change. She would like to see more Muslim women in the room, leading this conversation.

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