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Qudsiya Ahmed

Head of Publishing

Cambirdge University Press


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Qudsiya Ahmed is the head of Publishing (Academic) at Cambridge University Press, India. She has been in the publishing industry for over a decade and has worked across the most reputed publishing houses. She has been instrumental in developing the South Asia Studies publishing program at the Press since its inception in India in 2012 and has brought on board the most acclaimed academics and has published a vastly relevant portfolio of books on issues of contemporary relevance. She is passionate about the socio-political discourses in South Asia and has written on issues in that context that have been published in The Wire. Through her professional platform, volunteer activity, and mentorship, Ahmed aims to reach and encourage women to try to make a difference in both personal and professional spaces. She is interested in listening to all voices that advocate for a just and equal way of living, free of inhibitions, intimidation, and prejudices.

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