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Nuzhat Mirajkar

Nuzhat Mirajkar

Soft Skills Trainer



Connect with her on LinkedIn

"Nuzhat is a Certified Soft Skills Professional and has worked on CSR projects with Kotak Education Trust, Rubicon Foundation and currently with Antarang Foundation an NGO in Mumbai to train Junior College students on varied Soft Skills topics to make them job-ready and prepare them for their future careers. She was also a Chat Process Trainer with a corporate in Bangalore.

Academically, Nuzhat holds a degree in Business Management from Athabasca University Canada, a diploma in Business Administration-Accounting from College of North Atlantic, Qatar and a Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management from the Purchasing Management Association of Canada. She has worked previously with Weill Cornell Medical College Qatar.

She found her calling as a Soft Skills Trainer after a sabbatical, and today, she has turned her passion for Communications Training into a career. Currently, she is launching her online program on various topics related to Soft Skills."

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