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Nazia Sayed

Nazia Sayed

Crime & Investigative Journalist




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Nazia Sayed is a crime and investigative journalist covering the crime beat for the past 14 years. She has worked as a special correspondent for Mumbai Mirror ( A Times of India publication) and has broken many exciting stories, which were not only difficult to crack but also lent an essential zing to the tabloid. Currently, she has set up a production house of her own and is producing web series based on true stories covered by her. Sayed, drawing from her years of research and expertise on the field, has also co-authored ‘Six Minutes of Terror’, based on the 7/11 Mumbai train bombings. In addition, she has also contributed to The Dirty Dozen, written by Gabriel Khan and edited by acclaimed crime journalist S. Hussain Zaidi. Having covered crime for the past decade, she has made deep inroads with the city’s police force and its local informer network and nurtured a strong network in central agencies such as National Investigation Agency (NIA) and the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS

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