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Masooma Ranalvi

Masooma Ranalvi

Lawyer Activist, Director




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Masooma Ranalvi is a Law graduate from Mumbai, India, and a Chevening Scholar, with a Diploma on Women in Leadership and Management, University of Bradford, U K. She is currently an Aspen New Voices Fellow 2020. She works as a trainer on issues of gender and sexual harassment and is a social activist. In 2015, she took the bold step to be vocal about her views on the practice on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), and how having been a victim of the practice when she was young, it impacted her deeply and mobilized support to start debate and discussion over the taboo issue in her community. Since then she has been at the forefront of a wide survivor-led campaign in India to end FGM in the community. She has inspired women and young girls across the country to openly speak about their experiences concerning FGM and to actively engage in a campaign against the practice. She has founded an organization called WeSpeakOut which is the largest survivor-led platform working against FGM in India and the world. WeSpeak Out collaborates with larger CSO’s on various issues of gender and inequality and is part of Bebaak Collective, a larger platform for addressing issues of Muslim Women. She is an instructor with a Story Telling organization The Moth and works on their Global Community platform.

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