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Farheen Naqvi

Farheen Naqvi

Research Scientist




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Farheen Naqvi is a Research Scientist in the Department of Nuclear Science & Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Originally from India, she has obtained her PhD from University of Cologne in Germany. She also has multiple postdoc experiences from Yale University, Michigan State University and University of Notre Dame. Working in the field of nuclear security and policy to make this world a secure place is a dream she envisioned as a young masters student at the University of Delhi in India. More than a decade and several research labs later, she got to work on what she always wanted to. Her research interests focus on using fundamental nuclear physics for arms controls and nuclear safeguards. She has published in several peer reviewed journals and have collaborated with scientists all over the world.
When Farheen is not putting her mind into nuclear physics, she enjoys teaching and working with young kids. As a mentor of the Atal tinkering labs in India, she tries promoting innovation and motivating young minds to think creatively.

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