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Dr. Shameen Warsi

Dr. Shameen Warsi

Assistant Professor/HR Consultant


Academics, HR, Analytics


Connect with her on LinkedIn

"Dr. Shameen Warsi is an Assistant Professor specializing in Business Analytics and HR at Govindram Sekseria Institute of Management and Research (GSIMR) in Indore. Holding a Ph.D., her research focused on the pivotal role of Predictive Analytics in Human Resource Planning for IT industries in India. Worked as HR professional in IT organizations for 7+ Years in Indore, M.P.
In addition, Dr. Shameen worked as a Subject Matter Expert for the unit GT5205 People and Organisations at Sunway University in Malaysia. She also worked as an Online Facilitator for the Masters in Data Science program at Sunway University, delivering courses such as ""Data Mining,"" ""Forecasting Analytics,"" ""Data Visualization,"" and ""Principles and Practices of Data Science.""
With her expertise extending beyond academia, Dr. Shameen Warsi serves as an HR Consultant at AMW Tech Pvt. Ltd. in Indore since November 2022. This role allows her to apply the knowledge and provide valuable insights to the organization.
Furthermore, Dr. Shameen Warsi owns a YouTube Channel dedicated to students and professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of business analytics. The channel features informative videos covering topics such as the fundamentals of business analytics, R Programming, analytics success stories, and real case study-based videos. You can access her channel at [].
Dr. Shameen Warsi is a dedicated professional, blending her research expertise, teaching abilities, and practical industry experience to make significant contributions in the field of Business Analytics and HR."

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