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Amena Ebrahim Malik

Amena Ebrahim Malik

Consultant / Advisor




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Dr Amena Malik is the Consultant Advisor in Accreditation and Quality - National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA). She is a solutions-driven physician with career interest in national healthcare quality and performance improvement. She has a broad background in public health and is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Public Health and Fellow of the International Society for Quality in Health Care. She has extensive international work experience working on global health initiatives.
Dr Amena has been instrumental in the successful implementation of the national accreditation program in Bahrain and has played a key role in the strategic planning, program development / evaluation and performance improvement of the Authority.
She is the head of the Quality Committee at NHRA, an active member of the Continuous Medical Education Committee and a member of the National Quality Committee - Supreme Council of Health.
Dr Amena is responsible for the execution of the NHRA Annual Report and various other national publications including healthcare capacity studies. She is currently pursuing her MBA at the University of Oxford - UK.

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