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Aman Kaleem

Aman Kaleem

Founder & CEO


Online Media


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Aman Kaleem is a film-maker and a VR artist based in New Delhi, India. She is also the founder and CEO of Kahaani Wale, a media-tech company that focuses on social impact communication. Aman leads a 35-member team to create social and behavioral change solutions for 80 leading organizations across sectors. Kahaani Wale develops communication and fundraising strategies, builds online and offline campaigns, and creates content across platforms while working in 13 states, produced more than 250 films, and has engaged more than 5 million viewers. Over the last ten years, Aman has worked with more than 1000 artists on issues of dissent, feminism, love, and political conflict, producing about 360 films in the process. She is driven by authentic storytelling, designed for a specific audience that needs to be motivated. This has aided her in building movements on the ground. Her work has reached more than 85 award platforms, including Sundance, International Documentary Forum, and national awards in India. Aman's last visual art exhibition, ‘Shaping the ordinary through Love and dream’, was showcased at Harvard University. Her independent documentary, ‘Shaadi, Sex Aur Parivaar’, for the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, was premiered at International Film Festival Madrid and has been screened at 40 festivals worldwide. Before Kahaani Wale, Aman was the creative head at Red stone Films, where she led a team of 12 and created advertising films for blue-chip companies. In 2018, she was selected as a visual artist fellow, Harvard University. In 2016, she was nominated from India for the Hubert Humphrey Fulbright Fellowship for professional excellence. For my work in the South Asian region, Aman Kaleem has been recognized by the Government of India and the United Nations as ‘Make a Difference Leader.’

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