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Maria Madiha


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Maria Madiha is a Psychologist & a Counsellor, and is about to complete Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Department of Psychiatry, JNMCH, AMU, Aligarh. She specializes in understanding of adolescent behavior and implementing psychotherapy; CBT, MBT, etc. Throughout her life, she has been actively involved in Mental Health Awareness campaigns, organized both by the University and on personal level. She believes that world is a better place to live if only one finds good (positivity) in it. On this ideology, she has helped many patients and their caregivers to overcome their hardships. She specifically believes that upon sharing, one can overcome any hurdle; no matter whom you are sharing it with (family, friends or professional). She also volunteers at local school and NGOs, reads to the children, play with them and make them aware about the rights and wrongs of this world. In her free time, she prefers to explore new things; from books to new languages to TV shows.

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