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Atifa Haroon


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Atifa Haroon is a post-graduate in English Literature and is currently employed as an Editor at Rekhta Foundation. She's a hardcore momo-loving, Sarojini-shopping Delhiite who's a fan of unpopular movies and Urdu poetry. Previously, she had taken up various internships in the capacities of being a content writer, editor, social media strategist and manager.

Haroon is interested in a lot of things, but especially in Psychology and Literature. She aspires to get into a PhD researching on Psychoanalytic studies of Feminist Indian Literature. She also wants to become a writer, create videos on exploring different cultures, cuisines and lifestyles along with getting a professional degree in culinary arts (she also wants to try stand-up comedy, which is too ambitious, but she isn't afraid).

Eager to learn new skills and develop new hobbies, Haroon is enthusiastic about exploring all horizons of life. Her passion lies within academia, her mind on building a career in teaching and research on literature and her heart is simply with Ahmad Faraz’s poetry and a cup of adrak wali chai.

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