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Aishah Shekhani


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Aishah Shekhani is currently working as an Associate at a prominent law firm in Mumbai. She is a lawyer with experience in civil and commercial litigation across a wide variety of fields such as companies, real estate, finance, insolvency, contracts, succession, arbitration, IPR, etc.

Although she has only just begun her journey, her ultimate aim is to use the law to mitigate societal inequalities and create a more equitable and just world for all. Being a first-generation professional, she also hopes to empower other Muslim girls to be able to seek higher education and a thriving professional career, despite the multiple roadblocks and barriers.

She has a cat named Smokey who is the love of her life. She loves travelling, outdoor activities, history, culture, food, desserts, films, music, books and pretty much all the nice things in life.

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