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Anam Farzeen


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Anam Farzeen is a Content Architect with over 10 years of experience in the tech industry.
As a content architect, her aim is to generate sale conversions, and with that she helps tech startups increase their web traction by using the right keywords for SEO and social media promotions.
Her passion for doing something for the Muslim community brought her to work side by side with the team at Islamic Shop, India's largest halal and Islamic e-commerce marketplace. Her content helped in generating organic traffic and addressing content gaps in SEO structuring of the website.
She's also the Founder and Independent Constructive Journalist of Righteous Magazine, an engaging premium Islamic magazine. She delves deep into various Islamic sectors to bring readers informative content. Her hard work paid off when the Hajira Edition (1st edition) sold like hotcakes, both in India and internationally.
Anam's focus on building a community of Muslim women who are independent and self-reliant keeps her involved in various ground level interactions and upliftment programs. She believes that to drive social impact, it is imperative for women to have education and awareness.

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