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Yasha Saboor


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Yasha Saboor is a simply driven and dedicated individual who is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Economics from Aligarh Muslim University. With a bachelor's degree from Jamia Millia Islamia, she has learned to assimilate into different cultures around her.

She has always been actively involved in various cultural and leadership activities, showcasing her natural talent for leadership and creativity. Yasha's diverse internships in different fields have provided practical experience in corporate networking and handling pressure.

With a keen interest in the Green Economy, Climate change and its economic significance, Yasha aspires to make a positive impact on the world. Yasha's passion for these fields is fueled by a strong desire to promote sustainability and social justice. She has recently developed an interest in Islamic economics by knowing the fact that many Muslims are not aware of the principles and concepts of Islamic economics, which creates a knowledge gap that can be addressed through education and awareness-building. She has seen this as an opportunity to promote this field of study.

Overall, Yasha is an ambitious individual with a strong work ethic, natural leadership abilities, and a passion for innovation. Her academic pursuits and practical experience have equipped her with a unique skill set that will enable her to make significant contributions to the fields of economics, the green economy, and Islamic economics.

Apart from this she also loves reading stuff including books and articles to stay informed and engaged with the world around her. In addition to reading, she also enjoys spending time in the kitchen, cooking, and baking. She loves experimenting with recipes from whipping up a savory dinner or baking a batch of cookies, Yasha takes pride in making delicious meals for herself and her loved ones.

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