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Shariya Saifi


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Shariya is an MBA student currently specializing in Human Resource Management. She has always been passionate about understanding how organizations can effectively manage their human capital to achieve their goals. She completed her undergraduate studies in Communicative English, which gave her a strong foundation in communicating her thoughts and ideas well to others.

During her MBA studies, Shariya has focused on developing her skills in areas such as human resource analytics, employee recruitment and selection, performance management, compensation and benefits, training and development, and employee relations. She has also gained valuable experience through internships in HR roles.

Shariya is a strong communicator and enjoys working with people from diverse backgrounds. She is interested in using her HR knowledge to help organizations create a positive and productive work environment that enables employees to achieve their full potential. Shariya intends to work in HR management or consulting once she has completed her MBA so that she can use her knowledge and abilities to assist businesses in forming solid, efficient teams.

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