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Juweiriya Rashid Zeya


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Juweiriya Rashid Zeya is an individual driven by her desire to attain a level of morality that completely defeats the conflict between the unconscious Id and conscious Ego, Superego reigning supreme. A person with a personality and lifestyle in conflict with her generation, she is someone who lives life day by day, lacks ambition yet, is determined to not waste her time and therefore is a nit-picky perfectionist in all that she does, and all that she sees and all that she wishes to surround herself with. She tutors in her free time, often for free. Possessing a strong creative streak, she cooks, she bakes, she crafts, she draws, but most of all, she writes. A good writer is an excellent reader, and books are not the only things waiting to be read. The world, people, are shelves and books in a library, awaiting the hesitant hand that would sincerely reach out, and maybe just, "read". Her hesitant hand is: Reaching Out.

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