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Farya Abrar


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Farya Abrar is a young mother and a recent biotechnology graduate from Jamia Hamdard, Delhi. She was born in Bihar but has lived in Saudi Arabia for the remainder of her life. Her interests in Biology particularly Genetics and IT converge in the field of Bioinformatics, where she aspires to continue her master's degree. She aims to actively engage in acquiring the abilities required for her professional progress as she thinks that education should be more than just cramming. Along with her education, she likes participating in extracurricular activities and playing sports. She is dedicated to regaining her confidence and improving her communication abilities after being shy in her early school years. She enjoys leading groups and values each member's effort equally. She has a strong religious conviction and continues to research and grasp the right teachings and concepts that she believes were overlooked by a society that upheld unfair and unjust norms. She is always eager to listen to the issues of others and is always there for d anyone in need. She is glad to share the objective of assisting Muslim women to realize their genuine identity and express themselves in society, without sacrificing their religious commitments, and to become true leaders in their community and beyond, through LedBy.

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