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Alina Khan


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Alina Khan is a confident and compassionate woman who strives to achieve perfection in whatever she does. She has set high aspirations for herself and is working to achieve her goal. LedBy for her has been of tremendous help in polishing her soft skills and enhancing her professional development. The program has introduced her to like-minded and extremely talented tribes of Women who were determined to their cause.
It has widened her knowledge and enhanced her compassion towards the welfare of the society as a whole.
The Accelerator program was a breakthrough as it has been a constant source of motivation that kept her going throughout.

A person learns majorly by Experience and exposure , this is what she has witnessed herself. The plethora of opportunities to communicate with leading professionals of various top organizations was her most cherished experience . Program offers well structured sessions that were interactive and highly informative that let Alina gain a lot of knowledge of the professional world that she ascribed to LedBy Accelerator Program. According to her, the team of LedBy is well versed in it’s sphere and is the most unique and beneficial program for Indian Muslim Women to enhance their representation in the professional field and thus be a part of the larger economy.

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