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Mariam Amir


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Mariam Amir is a second semester Postgraduate student in Environmental engineering and management at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. She’s currently doing a case study on the generation and disposal of plastic wastes pre covid times and present times in the city of Delhi. She has interned at NAPESCO- Kuwait in the department of Health, safety and environment where she worked at the laboratory to test and confirm the results of samples collected from the site of Oil Tank under construction are within the standard required range.
She’s also a passionate reader, writer and speaker. She’s a toastmaster at her University toastmasters club and also a member of UNESCO- UTM. She represents the post graduate student society of her university as a secretary. She has also written articles and poems for her college magazine, various websites, and has also gotten her work published at The Write Order Anthologies.
She’s smart, confident and hard working with an intense desire to achieve her dreams.

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