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Iqra Akhlaq


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Iqra Akhlaq is a final-year student at Lady Shri Ram College for Women pursuing a major in Mathematics. Placed at DE Shaw India as a Financial Research Associate, she plans to learn a lot with the opportunities that come her way. She enjoys writing and healthy conversations. Currently, she is serving as the Editor-In-Chief of her college’s annual magazine. She has a strong academic background and she loves to explore new subjects, different cultures and interesting activities. Being in Delhi, she’s trying to explore the city. Iqra aims to change (or atleast improve) the present situation of the sidelined section of the population and make the world a better place to live. Iqra is optimistic, has hope in her eyes and wishes to do something meaningful. She has a plethora of interests and she doesn’t like to fit herself in a box. She ultimately aims to pursue a field that gives her a platform to do better for humanity, give time to her interests and be there for her loved ones.

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