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Fatima Adashia


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Fatima Adashia, born and brought up in New Delhi, is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Architecture from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. The domain of her subjects lies in building services. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and she has briefly worked with Group DCA as a Junior Architect. She is imaginative and likes to read English & Urdu novels & poetry, travel, and is fond of Mathematics. To her Architecture is a way to serve humanity and create spaces that are user-friendly, sustainable, and accessible to all. In the future, she wishes to work for the underprivileged people and to provide homes to them, and deliver a built environment that can sustain and uplift India’s diverse communities. She believes that Kindness and Compassion are the keys to a content life because it pushes people to address inequality, cruelty and encourages them to be kind and leads to build trust, through which lasting relationships are built and potential problems are solved. She aspires to lead by example, is a person of faith, and has a strong belief in Allah. She enjoys reading, learning about new things, and admiring God's creations in her spare time.

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