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Juweiriya is currently in her penultimate year of her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at Aligarh Muslim University. As an individual who marvelled at the intricacies involved in the working of human physiology, her captivation transformed into a long-term goal of contributing to the sacred field of science. In pursuit of exploring this captivation, she has interned at institutions like King Fahd Medical Research Center, IIT Indore etc. Apart from science, she has deep interests in literature and poetry and is a member of the literary club associated with her university. She has published many poems on various issues, and she holds her belief strong in the fact that promoting and popularizing the achievements of humanity in science and arts can comfort the sufferings of the world. As a young Indian Muslim woman, she believes in asserting her identity. Through the proper education and sound awareness, she hopes to uplift her community which has a long tale of political and social injustice.
Aside from her pursuance in scientific and literary fields, she is fond of watching Anime and reading mangas which aren’t known to the mainstream media. (yet.)

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