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Uzma Faridi


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Uzma Faridi graduated from Delhi University with a Psychology degree in 2022. She plans on pursuing her Masters from the UK in Business Psychology, and work to bring about positive changes in the corporate sector. Uzma is a Mental Health advocate who truly believes in the importance of making conversations around mental health as normal as those around physical health. She is an extremely creative individual and shows it in every aspect of her life. Along with working as a freelance Content Writer and Social Media Manager for over two years, Uzma is also a passionate theatre artist. She has experience n Recruitment too. She is an avid reader, and a history enthusiast. With varied skills and interests, she truly believes in adding as many feathers in her hat as possible. She is an ambitious woman with big dreams. Uzma deeply believes in facing all challenges head-on and has always shown grit and strength when it comes to overcoming obstacles.

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