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Nida Falak


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Nida Falak, an alumni of Aligarh Muslim University, hails from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. As a young development professional, she holds her graduation in Psychology and aspires to establish herself as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. Her interests primarily include mental health care, gender equality and social work. She has been extensively working with slums, marginalized communities, NGOs and educational societies. As an adherent believer of education for social awakenings, she is currently serving as an education counselor. Stepping up to her 20s, she is exploring life as a writer, a reader, a traveller, and a painter, with her immense love for nature, literature and music. Apart from her job, she is engaged in creating awareness about mental health and helping people overcome the societal stigma of being ‘ruined’ or ‘useless’ by making them independent and earning, thus contributing to health and productivity of the nation. She aspires to make mental health knowledge, care and support accessible to all.

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