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Aysha Liya


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Aysha Liya, hailing from Kerala, is currently a final-year student at Kannur University, pursuing Bachelor of Arts in English with Journalism and British History. She is also pursuing Bachelor of Science in Psychology at International Open University. She is a learning enthusiast, in search of means to acquire knowledge and cover wider fields of interests through experiential learning. She firmly believes that “Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity”, thus she tries to grab all the opportunities that knocks her door. She is a determined and committed individual who always strives for her personal and professional growth. She also believes that it is one's faith that must overpower their fear. That's how we find a miraculous drive to get things done. She hopes that these values will help accomplish greater goals in her life. During her free time, she can be found baking, penning poems or spending time with her loved ones.

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