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Asra Arif


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Asra Arif is an undergraduate student of law, from Aligarh Muslim University, with keen interest in the area of developmental studies in Intellectual Property alongside study inclinations in International Relations, Civil Rights and Dispute Resolution.
She is a firm believer of collective growth, and shared concept of society, determined to establish a contrasting view to the contemporary perspective of women as a protagonist in the legal field.
She actively seeks out for new experiences, interactions, and perspectives. Her quest for gaining knowledge is limitless, and unbound.
She is an emphatic human, with an odd view of the real world (with odd and real in the same sentence).
Apart from indulging in diversified reading, she has a penchant for sports, travelling, nature and poetry.
Her's is an old soul, stuck in a young body, with vivid imaginations, and larger than life goals.
In her life, her belief is her greatest strength.

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