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Saman Fatima


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Saman is a dedicated post-graduate student currently pursuing a Master's in Clinical Psychology, building on her academic foundation after earning a Bachelor’s from Jamia Millia Islamia. Her academic brilliance during her undergraduate journey secured her the prestigious Merit/Central Scholarship, a testament to her commitment to excellence.
In her professional journey, Saman seamlessly blends warmth and proficiency, having explored various dynamic roles, including as a Research and Development team member and Social Media Marketing Coordinator. Fieldwork within her coursework has helped enhance her interpersonal skills and adaptability.
Driven by a commitment to excellence, Saman aspires to contribute significantly to the field of psychology. She is passionate about exploring niche fields intersecting with mental health, aiming for a fulfilling career while making a positive impact. She firmly believes in inclusivity, empowerment, and embracing diversity.
On her calm days, Saman delves into books, music, media, and the world of art while honing her Korean language skills, exploring all from a mental health perspective.

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