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Resham Fatma


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Resham Fatma is a dedicated scholar pursuing a Master's in Politics with a specialization in International Relations at Jawaharlal Nehru University. Her journey is marked by resilience, having overcome the challenges of being a survivor of a harrowing acid attack. Resham's determination led her to shift the narrative from victim to survivor, inspiring her to advocate for change through the power of storytelling. Her ambition is to revolutionize perspectives, particularly focusing on women's issues, international relations, diplomacy, and geopolitics through her future career as a journalist. Currently interning with Barkha Dutt's Mojo Story, Resham also thrives as a freelance journalist. Beyond her professional endeavors, she passionately documents her life on a YouTube channel, using her experiences to connect, inspire, and motivate others. Resham's dedication to sharing narratives and her commitment to journalism as a means of impacting change define her journey.

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