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Narjis Zehra


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A post-graduate in Forensic Science from Jain University, Bangalore, Narjis boasts two years of operational and inventory management expertise at Labcorp. Their professional journey, initially diverging from academia, has shaped them into a meticulous problem-solver. Despite their current pursuits, the heart of their ambition remains firmly rooted in Forensics. A confluence of experiences has honed their attention to detail and analytical skills. Outside the professional realm, Narjis finds solace in watching crime and thriller series and documentaries. An avid explorer of diverse creative domains, they channel their insatiable curiosity into continuous learning. Driven by an unyielding thirst for knowledge, Narjis seeks opportunities to confront novel challenges and unravel solutions. For them, the art of investigation intertwines seamlessly with a passion for lifelong learning, propelling their unwavering commitment to a fulfilling career in Forensics.

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