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Iqra Mahin Khan


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Iqra Mahin Khan is a 26 year old based in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Iqra has completed her Post grad in Economics and was a topper in her batch. While she took a gap after her undergraduate, She worked as a Customer Relations Manager in a London based travel company -Sense tours. Currently, Iqra is exploring her passion of Public Speaking & Creative Writing while freelancing in PlanetSpark.
Iqra's passions doesn't limits to just this , but she's always seeking her way to unexplored knowledge whether it be Content creation, Painting, Graphic designing ,hosting events and even Psychology. After discovering her skills in Calligraphy, she owns a small business (Artmade.letters) where she sells customized artworks and Arabic Calligraphy frames. With having a keen dedication to work, Iqra believes under right leadership and guidance, she'll find right path and her true potential. Iqra is an introvert but loves to interact with new people, making friends for life and travel. Being an Imtiaz Ali fan, Iqra has a deep understanding of people and is a lover of love. She has firm belief in her religion and always finds peace in prayer. Iqra aspires to be people's person and be at the stage where she can motivate women and youth to follow their passion while having a positive approach towards life.

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