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Husba Mahajan


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Husba is a Kashmiri final-year undergraduate student pursuing Economics Honours at Lady Shri Ram College for Women in Delhi. Fueled by a passion for creating social impact, she aspires to delve into the Consulting sector professionally. Her active involvement in college societies, particularly Enactus LSR, has been a cornerstone of her journey so far. As the co-founder and director of Project Musavvir, she champions the cause of empowering women artisans, fostering financial independence through a dedicated business initiative. Currently serving as the Director of Finance, she oversees three impactful social projects here.
Husba views her life as a journey of self-exploration, seeking the purpose destined for her while finding joy in life's simple pleasures. A hodophile at heart, she dreams of traversing the diverse landscapes of the world, making global exploration a priority on her bucket list :)

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