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Humeira Patel


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Humeira Patel, after completing her graduation in B.Sc. Computer Science is currently pursuing MCA from DYPIMR, Pimpri, Pune. She belongs to a society where muslim girls moving out to a different city for education is infrequent, through her dedication and support from family, she made her way out to pursue higher education. She is determined to use this opportunity to the fullest and encourage other girls from her society to step ahead. She aspires to excel in her career while upholding her morals and values and maintain a proper balance between her deen and dunya. She wants to work for youth who are lost and facing existential crises and help them understand the meaning of life. She believes that in this prevailing darkness, someone has to stand up and spread the light and values around! She has a great desire to bring positive change in the society. In her spare time, Humeira loves cooking and putting henna. She is fond of reading non fiction and spiritual books.

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