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Feyha Tejani


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Feyha is a Chartered Accountant who recently changed her career, and is now working as a Customer Experience Manager and Marketing Retention Officer at a fast-growing sexual-wellness startup based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Her work encompasses donning different hats and solving problems, thus playing her part in helping the startup to scale from 1-100. She also gives back to society through Roobaroo, an early-stage NGO she co-founded, which works with underprivileged young adults, helping them prepare for their professional futures.

The value of education and a successful career was reinforced throughout Feyha's childhood, as was the moral obligation of giving back to society. Building on these values, Feyha plans to attend business school and become a social entrepreneur.

In her free time, Feyha enjoys music, reading and her hobby-of-the-week.

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