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Benazeer Ali Akbar


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Benazeer Ali Akbar
She belongs to Singrauli, the energy capital of India.
Her passion for creativity, and love for Indian art forms and heritage. Graduated as a Jewelry designer from the School of Fashion Technology Pune after pursuing FDCT from the National Institute of Fashion Technology Bhopal shows her dedication to her craft.

Working as a merchandising executive at Angara e-commerce Pvt Ltd allows her to combine her knowledge of jewelry trends and research with her professional skills.
Benazeer was recognized as the best jewelry designer in the design showcase during her graduation show.
she was part of Green Fashion India during her college days, she is not only passionate about jewelry design but also has an interest in sustainable and eco-friendly fashion practices.

Being inspired by her elder sisters shows that Benazeer values the influence and support of her family.
Her jolly and adaptable nature is a valuable quality in both personal and professional realms.

Lastly, believing in the "doing on your own" theory reflects her independent thinking and self-confidence.

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