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Arsala Khan


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Arsala is your friendly neighbourhood Techie turned Marketer. Starting with engineering, she switched gears to graduate as a Food Technologist turned marketing whiz.

In the dynamic digital marketing world, Arsala climbed from coordinator to Marketing Head at Treleaf in the past three years, a feat she passionately pursued. Using technology as her secret weapon, she crafts lively brand stories, drawing from experiences at big FMCGs and contributions to Gov. of India project during her grad.

Arsala's strength lies in blending technical know-how with creative flair, defining her professional journey.

Beyond screens, she navigates life proudly as an INFP, avoiding the rush and making work-life balance an ongoing journey. Empathy, self-growth, supporting women, and breaking toxic generational patterns aren't just words for Arsala—they're woven into her narrative, shaping her from career to personal growth.

Beyond being a marketer, she dreams of telling stories, uplifting women, and being a source of empathy. Looking ahead, Arsala is all set to make her mark in digital marketing, one creative campaign at a time!

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