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Tajwar Hina


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Tajwar Hina is a passionate learner who strives to acquire knowledge that will benefit herself and others. She has accomplished her MBA in Operations from Aligarh Muslim University. She went through several internships at various companies, including Lalimber, Tareeqa, Flipkart, and International Model UN (IMUN).
Before moving towards university She concluded her early education in Madrasa. As an Alimah she has also published numerous Islamic articles in various magazines and newspapers.
Tajwar thinks that keeping up with developments is essential for longevity, She also considers that the Quran provides the most up-to-date guidance throughout all the latest eras.
She is an optimistic, enthusiastic, and kind person working with an international NGO and is a core member of the NGO Connect team, She achieved a Star of the Month award in June 2022.
Tajwar has a zeal for sports. Thus She always took advantage of the opportunities in her spare time. She is an NCC cadet, Equestrian, Mountaineer, and also learned Lathi and sword fighting.
She loves sketching, Calligraphy, Reading and writing.

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