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Shafiya Shahid


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Shafiya Shahid is an undergraduate student from Bihar, currently pursuing Bachelors in Dentistry from Saraswati Dental College, Lucknow. She is an introvert and hesitates to participate in extra-curricular activity which require her speaking but she take leads in academics. Shafiya is a firm believer of hard work and also believes that educatin is the most neccessary element in the path of empowerment. She wishes to take lead and be an active participant of various social campaigns that focuses on uplifting of women from all corners of society through education. She believes in importance of empowerment and acquiring knowledge and aspires to encourage every individual she encounters in finding their true potential. She aims to live a meaningful life. Shafiya is looking forward to join a good college for her masters in Dentistry. In her free time she can be seen watching k-dramas and reading books and doodling.

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