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Shafia Nahvi


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Shafia Nahvi is a trainee at Wolkus Technologies, a pioneering full-stack horticulture platform known for its brand Fasal. Collaborating seamlessly across various teams, Shafia is dedicated to addressing and resolving crucial farmer issues. With an innate passion for agrotechnology, she enthusiastically engages in devising innovative solutions to enhance farmer engagement.

Within her role, Shafia manages a portfolio of over 100 key clients, showcasing her exceptional interpersonal skills and adeptness at maintaining strong professional relationships. Her commitment to sustainable farming and technology-driven advancements drives her to contribute effectively to Fasal's mission of revolutionizing the horticulture landscape.

Through her journey at Wolkus Technologies, Shafia Nahvi continues to grow as a dynamic professional, merging her fervor for technology with her drive to make a positive impact in the realm of agriculture and farming

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