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Muskan Havaldar


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Muskan is from Pune Maharashtra. She is recent bsc chemistry graduate from Savitribai phule pune university. She even have completed diploma in pharmacy earlier as well. She has keen interest in Medicinal chemistry or pharmaceutical chemistry. She is also pursuing Advanced diploma in drug regulatory affairs from jamia hamdard university. She also apply for higher studies and also looking for abroad opportunity and even looking for scholarship for higher studies in abroad. She is registered pharmacist and also have some Experience as a pharmacist in a retail pharmacy. Her favorite part during this job was patient counseling and she is really good at that.She will love to do business and be entrepreneur related to healthcare field. Other than that she like to read books and do nature photography and also love to gardening. Muskan is very kind and understanding girl. She has good amount of patience and she is simple girl. She is love to work in teams majorly

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