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Madeeha Noor


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Madeeha Noor is an accomplished individual with a strong academic background and a passion for healthcare. Holding a graduation degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Delhi, she further honed her expertise with a post-graduation in Hospital Administration. Madeeha's desire to contribute to the well-being of society led her to pursue a career in healthcare, where she aspires to raise awareness about the significance of health. Her unwavering commitment, coupled with her creativity, dynamic nature, and innate talent, reflects her ability to excel in this field. Beyond her academic achievements, Madeeha is characterized by her hard-working nature and a deep sense of dedication in her pursuits. Her eagerness to collaborate in diverse, global environments showcases her adaptability and open-mindedness. Currently, Madeeha actively seeks opportunities to showcase her talents and to make a meaningful impact in healthcare, leveraging her skills and insights to better serve people and their well-being.

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