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Hamra, a visionary individual, holds a master's degree in Food and Nutrition and aspires to embark on a PhD journey in Food Science. Her academic pursuits reflect her dedication to understanding the science of Nutrition. Simultaneously, her affinity for digital ventures is evident through her role as a Digital Marketing Expert and her position as Chief Administrative Officer in an IT firm. Her mastery of the digital landscape complements her diverse skill set.

Venturing into the world of fashion, Hamra's entrepreneurial spirit shines as she establishes a unique e-commerce platform, Sass Obsessed. By providing crochet artists a platform to monetize their craft, she fosters a space for creative expression and financial empowerment. Hamra's journey from nutrition to digital marketing and, ultimately, to fashion entrepreneurship underscores her versatility and determination to weave a tapestry of success through her various passions

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