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Aleesha Noorin K N


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Alisha Naaz was born and brought up in delhi. She had completed her Bachelor's degree in Computer Applications from Asian School of business, Noida. She has a deep interest in the field of computer science and dreams of pursuing a fulfilling career in this exciting domain. Alisha's love for technology drives her to constantly learn and grow, aiming to contribute to innovative solutions in the world of computers.
Beyond her passion for computer science. She finds joy in cooking, painting, and sketching, using these artistic outlets to express herself and find inner peace. Alisha believes that creativity enhances her problem-solving skills and makes her a more well-rounded person.
But her aspirations extend beyond personal growth. She is determined to use her skills and passions to make a positive impact on the world. She aims to contribute to society, help others, and work towards making the world a better place for everyone.

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