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Tahira Khatoon


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Tahira Khatoon, born and brought up in Lucknow, is currently employed as an SEO executive with an MNC. Being always soaked up with the things going on around the world, she has a cut-above alteration idea for everything. The longing for becoming independent at an early stage led her to provide tuition, network marketing, blogging, etc. A bright intellect like hers paired with an ability to catch things rapidly always makes her stand out from the crowd. Part of the strong personality she has tailored into herself comes from reading books. For an avid reader like her, books are never enough. Along with the escalating craving for fiction hardcovers, she also keeps her head immersed in motivational paperbacks. Having sorted standards for everything makes her one of a kind and serves as a boost to her confidence. Her audacity to take risks perfectly aligns with the diligence she carries in her heart for any job she is entrusted with. A bright woman, set to change the world.

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