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Shabista Naz


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"Dr. Shabista Naz, a dedicated advocate for gender justice and inclusion, holds a PhD in International Relations from JNU. Currently serving as a Research Associate and Communication Advisor, her work is deeply guided by the principles of gender equality. With an unyielding passion for fostering gender equity, she aspires to become a prominent global academic, advocating for inclusive approaches to tackle persistent gender inequalities on a worldwide scale.

In her role, she ardently addresses the pressing issues surrounding gender dynamics. Driven by unwavering determination, she aims to contribute unceasing efforts and strategic measures to rectify these inequalities. Her ultimate dream is to witness a world devoid of gender disparity, fostering security, safety, and inclusivity for all.

Beyond her academic pursuits, she finds solace in delving into philosophical and human psychology literature. The realms of painting, soulful music, and pottery making serve as therapeutic outlets. A nature enthusiast, she often finds tranquillity gazing at the sky, channelling the wonders of the natural world into her creative imaginings."

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