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Nashra Farid


Connect with her on LinkedIn

"Nashra Farid is a dedicated and passionate individual currently pursuing her 4th year of B.Tech in Computer Science at Integral University, Lucknow. With an inherent love for learning and a keen eye for implementation, she stands out as a focused and driven student. Nashra's academic pursuits are complemented by her intermediate skills in both DevOps and UI/UX design, showcasing her versatility and adaptability in the tech field.

Beyond her academic commitments, Nashra finds solace and inspiration in various hobbies. An avid reader of blogs, she seeks knowledge and fresh perspectives to broaden her horizons. Her competitive spirit comes to life as she engages in games like Valorant, where she hones her strategic thinking and teamwork skills. Additionally, Nashra's artistic inclination finds expression through painting, adding a touch of creativity to her well-rounded personality.

With a promising career ahead, Nashra Farid continues to blend her educational endeavors with her passions, creating a unique and impactful journey of growth and achievement."

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