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Nafisa Pothiawala


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Nafisa Afak, born and brought up in Gujarat, is currently working as a freelance content writer at Sterling Accuris Diagnostics Labs in Ahmedabad. As an ambitious lady, she cannot resist getting back to her studies and career after a long hiatus of 10 years. She completed her master's in microbiology after her marriage and a kid. Her experiences encompass her to volunteering at MAD NGO, earning a diploma in Arabic and Urdu, working as an educator. She envisions her life as a social changemaker who builds schools for Muslim children and has a global impact. She strives to uphold all fundamental values while maintaining the correct balance between her religious and professional responsibilities. She fervently thinks that "If a woman yearns for a thing, there is no roadblock in paving her way; whether it is marriage, kids, society, or religious values, all could act as catalysts."

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